Single property
Single property
Several properties
Several properties

If you have a house, several or a building you can benefit from our vacation rental management services

How it works

Professional photos


Price analysis

Detailed price

We publish your ad

We publish your optimized ad on more than 25 platforms.

First reservations will arrive

In a few days the first reservations will arrive

We take care of everything

We take care of everything: payments, charges, delivery of keys, cleaning etc.

You'll get better ratings

You'll get better ratings and your ad will climb the list.

You will be paid

You will be paid for the reservation automatically once the client departs

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  • Continuous improvement in the performance of your ads
  • Daily monitoring and price analysis
  • Dedicated support to guests and owners
  • Full access to the calendar and reservation prices
  • Settlements and invoices
  • Tax and legal advice